Dumplings with Plums

Servings 6
Preparation 90 Minutes
Traits Vegetarian


0.5 kg plums
1 tablespoon margarine
by taste sugar
200 g breadcrumbs
5 tablespoons sunflower oil
700 g flour

— all purpose flour

3 pcs eggs
1 kg potato


Peal potatoes and cook them in a salt water.
After the potatoes are cooked and softens, remove water and mash potatoes.
While the potatoes are still warm, add margarine and stir up it well and leave to cold.
Potatoes need to be cold before eggs are added. Otherwise eggs will begin to cook.
Add eggs and mix in them well.
Gradually add flour and stir (knead) mixture until the dough become homogenous.
Spread flour over working surface.
Using your hands and rolling pin knead the dough until is about 1 cm thick.
Cut the dough into squares – big enough for plumb to fit after its wrapped.
Wrap plumb with dough. Shape dumpling into a circle by using your palms.
You can remove the stone and put sugar and cinnamon.


Heat salted water until it boils.
Gently lay dumplings into the boiling water and cook them for about half an hour, until they raise up from the water.
Be aware that dumplings may stick to the bottom of dish.
Heat oil in another pot, add breadcrumbs and cook until they brown for a little bit.
Add sugar and mix it in well.
Optionally a cinnamon can be also added.
When dumplings are dry cover them well with breadcrumbs from all sides. Dumplings are now ready for serving.

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